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swc_angelinascarlotta Amid mental health controversy, Dartmouth launches four-year partnership with JED Foundation The program — aimed at improving Dartmouth’s mental health resources — will consist of an institutional assessment, the implementation of a strategic plan and a progress update. by Angelina Scarlotta / The Dartmouth Senior Staff After the pandemic saw rates of anxiety and depression increase among students and the deaths of three freshmen by suicide, the College faced widespread criticism for its insufficient mental health resources . In response to these mounting complaints, College President Phil Hanlon announced in a May 21 email to campus that Dartmouth would launch a four-year partnership with the JED Foundation, a nonprofit that promotes emotional health for teens and young adults. The first year of the partnership is slated to begin over the course of the next few weeks.  At all five schools — the Geisel School of Medicine, the Guarini School of Graduate and Advanced Studies, the Thayer School of Engineering, the Tuck School of Business and the undergraduate College — interdisciplinary committees consisting of students, faculty and senior leadership will construct a plan designed to support students’ mental health needs, College health service director Mark Reed said. Reed and Spanish professor and former dean of the College Rebecca Biron will spearhead the undergraduate committee.  “[The JED Foundation’s] guiding principles are that mental health on a college campus is not the sole responsibility of the counseling office or the wellness center, but really, it’s something that needs to be owned by everyone,” Reed said. According to Reed, every committee will first complete a JED-generated, 50-page questionnaire that delves into the College’s mental health policies and procedures. Students will then take the “Healthy Minds” survey developed by the University of Michigan that gauges students’ perspective on the College’s climate and resources, he said. After JED receives preliminary feedback in early spring, JED advisors will come to Dartmouth, meet with the various committees, conduct student focus groups and analyze the two surveys to formulate strategic plans tailored to each of the five schools, Reed said. According to Reed, the College will implement strategic plans aimed at addressing specific institutional needs during the second and third years of the partnership, while the fourth year will serve as an evaluation of the College’s progress, involving a follow-up “Healthy Minds” survey. Throughout this process, he added, the JED Foundation will check in with the College each month. Biron noted that while the strategic plans for each of the five schools may vary based on institutional needs, the overarching goal — revamping Dartmouth’s mental health resources — will apply across the board. “As we collect information about our policies, procedures and resources, a lot of that information will be the exact same across the different schools, but some might be different,” Biron said.  “…Because each of the schools serves different student populations, I expect there will be some specific areas unique to the different schools. But overall, I think the goal is that the whole college have improved services and support.” Interim Provost David Kotz said JED will help the College “more deeply” understand its institutional needs — as the program will require collecting data on student wellness, mapping out current resources, identifying needs for expansion and developing a plan for implementation. In his May 21 email, Hanlon also announced the hiring of a second nurse to Dartmouth Health Services’ on-call staffing, two new counselors and a student wellness coordinator — “immediate steps” that Kotz said should work “in parallel” with the JED partnership.  “Challenges will be with us for the long term, so we need a scalable, sustainable, long-term plan,” Kotz said. “JED can help us develop and implement that plan.” Donna and Phil Satow founded JED in 2000 to honor the memory of their youngest son Jed, who committed suicide in 1998. Roughly 350 colleges, including Dartmouth, represent 4.5 million students who are currently participating in JED’s four-year program, according to the foundation’s website.  Reed said that the College’s own partnership with the JED Foundation came in the wake of a “difficult” and “painful” year for the Dartmouth community, noting the student deaths by click for info suicide. Biron noted that those tragic losses “required” the College to look at mental health and suicide prevention “in a much more concentrated way immediately.” Jessica Chiriboga ’24, a student member of the undergraduate committee, noted that many students grappling both with the pandemic and the passing of their classmates felt a lack of support from the College last year. “A lot of us [were] hurt because we felt like the resources and the policies that were in place this past year weren’t conducive to student wellness and weren’t conducive to making this campus a safe place for everybody,” she said. Chiriboga added, however, that the JED partnership signals a step in the “right direction,” and that she believes a third-party evaluator will be able to provide an impartial and thorough assessment of Dartmouth’s mental health infrastructure.  “On the administrative side, it can be hard for them to fully commit to assessing or critiquing their own policies and practices because they also have their own specific needs that they have to take care of as an institution,” Chiriboga said. [Traffic]

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FOX And USA Networks Told Which Big Names Are Moving During WWE Draft WWE has let both FOX and The USA Network know which big names will be switching brands, likely to ensure everyone is fine with the changes. While most WWE fans can only predict which WWE Superstars will switch brands in the upcoming WWE Draft , it sounds as though the big network partners working with WWE have been given the heads up. This is probably a smart move considering the impact removing and adding marquee stars will have on their respective television shows. It's also wise not to ruffle feathers or show preference one way or another. While WWE is finding new ways to make more money than they ever have before, television ratings are still a massive part of the overall formula for success when it comes to the sports entertainment and wrestling industry. USA Network hosts Monday Night Raw, while FOX now has the rights to Friday's SmackDown. The ratings are hugely important to both networks and if Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Becky Lynch were moved to Raw, with only a mid-carder or a less popular talent coming back, FOX would take issue. The same would go for USA if the tables were reversed and Drew McIntyre, Bobby Lashley, and New Day moved, but few came back the other way. As such, Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that FOX and the USA Network have already been told about key people who will be moved around during the WWE Draft this coming Friday and next Monday. WWE had many of these big names selected for a change a little while ago and it's unlikely that there will be any last-minute alterations to these key plans based on the notes given to the networks. WWE Wise To Give A Heads Up On The Top Stars Expect some big names to move, but also some small last-minute changes to the plans. Meltzer does add, "The key guys are decided, nothing else is decided. Everything can change." The last part of that statement sounds contradictory to WWE even telling the networks what they're doing, but perhaps Meltzer meant everything outside the big names. Otherwise, why give the networks a heads up if WWE wants to keep all those options open and throw things for a loop just hours prior? One thing that has been previously reported is that NXT is to be unofficially involved. We'll see if that remains the plan come Friday or if that is among the smaller tweaks.

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Drug Arrests Made After Search Warrants Served Several residents of 740 Quillen Shell Road were charged Thursday with drug possession-related offenses after a search warrant was served by the 3rd Judicial District Drug and Violent Crime Task Force and other law enforcement agencies. A search warrant served Thursday at another house on Quail Ridge Lane resulted in an additional arrest. Photo Special To The Sun/3rd Judicial District DTF An investigation by the 3rd Judicial District Drug and Violent Crime Task Force and other agencies paid off Thursday with the arrests of alleged methamphetamine traffickers at two houses in Greene County. Search warrants were served Thursday at 740 Quillen Shell Road and 56 Quail Ridge Lane, resulting in the arrests of “multiple subjects” and the seizure of illegal narcotics, DTF Director Craig Duncan said in a news release. Working with DTF agents were the Greene County Special Response Team, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the Hawkins County Narcotics Unit. The search warrant served at 740 Quillen Shell Road resulted in the arrests of Patricia Broyles-McClure, 38, of the address, charged with possession and distribution of methamphetamine; Elizabeth Matyk, 37, also known as Elizabeth Dewey-Vogt, of the Quillen Shell Road address, charged with simple possession of drug paraphernalia; and Jesse Nelson, 45, of 404 Juniper St., on a charge the release said was “related to the possession of illegal drugs.” The search warrant served at 56 Quail Ridge Lane resulted in the arrest of Amanda Gilliam, 56, of the address, on a charge related to the possession of illegal drugs. The 3rd Judicial District Attorney General’s Office, Greene County Sheriff’s Department, Greeneville Police Department, and the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Department also assisted the DTF in the investigations leading to Thursday’s arrest. The investigation came about as a result of a “continuing effort to stop the distribution of illegal drugs in the 3rd Judicial District,” the release said. Duncan said in recent interviews that tips from the public about suspicious activity help investigators take drug dealers off the street. “The DTF again thanks the public for its ongoing support,” Duncan said.